Oct. 14, Oct. 21, Oct. 28, & Nov. 4


4 sessions over 4 weeks: A different topic each week. 11:15am-4:00pm each day!

October 14

TOPIC 1: Training & Development

This topic focuses on managing virtual onboarding and training  staff; how to ensure you are finding the right talent to join your team; and team building and staff engagement.   Specific discussions include:

  • Virtual onboarding of staff

  • Virtual training of staff

  • Leadership development and training

  • Customer service week

    • Team building ideas

    • Staff engagement

    • Fun motivational tools

      • Example:  Milestones

October 21

TOPIC 2: Outsourcing

Explore how to ensure that your internal team, as well as your outsourcer, is sending a unified message.  This can be achieved starting with the RFP creation and process.  We’ll take a look at an RFP checklist, the do’s and don’ts, expectations, resources, and evaluation.  Through case studies, we’ll hear from BP outsourcers who’ll talk about a much-needed two-way conversation, remembering that the service is only as good as the information provided.

  • The RFP Process

    • RFP checklist

    • Do’s and Don’ts

    • Managing client expectations and resources

    • Evaluation – Ensuring a seamless processes and responses

  • Effective two-way conversations between client and outsourcer  

October 28

TOPIC 3: Technology

In these uncertain times, we will explore the role of technology and how we are leveraging and evaluating its effectiveness in key customer care areas. Is technology helping to manage or improve the remote work experience?  How is it being integrated to support and analyze product reviews?  What types of virtual training software is most effective? What is the ROI?

Specific topics of interest include:

  • Case studies on how technology is helping to support staffing and training in the COVID era

  • Leveraging technology to manage a stronger remote work environment—what improvements have been made? What opportunities and challenges exist?

  • Technology integration of product reviews

  • Virtual training technology software

    • Applications for training

    • Case studies

November 4

TOPIC 4: Reporting & Metrics

How do you measure data?  What data do you measure and how do you use it?  How do you benchmark with other companies or your own historical reporting? 

  • CSAT Tools and Approaches

    • Benchmarking resources with other companies

      • Your own YOY

    • Effective dashboard tools

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