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October 20–23, 2019

Tucson, Arizona



Re-Imagining Intersection of Customer Care and Marketing

Monday, October 21 • 11:00 am–Noon

Strategies for Leveraging Ratings and Reviews to Scale E-commerce


This presentation addresses how ratings and reviews are critical to success in the e-commerce landscape. Data shows that only 13% of today’s consumers are brand loyalists, therefore brands must attract buyers during the early parts of the buyer journey. Customers increasingly use reviews as part of their product consideration and evaluation. Therefore, continually listening to and engaging with the voice of the customer is necessary for building brand presence and providing a great consumer experience.


Through Case Studies, we offer practical strategies that e-commerce teams can employ for review management and data application. Actionable takeaways will include best practices for responding to negative reviews. Responding to negative reviews is critical within the first 24 hours when most customers expect a response. Brands should prioritize 1 and 2-star feedback, 3-stars if you have the bandwidth.


Another takeaway will be how to share review data with other teams to ensure content is representative and product issues are addressed. This can help bridge the gap between customer care and other business units. We will site a use case that illustrates how our brand partner discovered a packaging issue that was impacting their ratings and was able to control the situation and drive up ratings.


With approximately 75% of reviews being positive in nature, brands can leverage the voice of the customer to discover new keywords, content, and product development. Highlighting another use case, we will show their company’s process in distributing data across teams for marketing and development.


Finally, attendees will be provided consumer reviews and will be asked to come up with the best path to take based on the review - what should the response be, what data is readily available in that review, and what department needs to see this data?


  1. How to monitor ratings and reviews across platforms to ensure brand's aren't missing customer engagement opportunities or vital review data.

  2. How to bridge the gap between customer care and other business units to ensure that the voice of the customer is heard company-wide and employed in a strategic manner.

  3. Best practices for responding to negative reviews include knowing the best time frame in which to respond, how to read customer sentiment and respond accordingly, and which reviews to focus on with limited bandwidth.


  • Jim Horey, CEO and Founder, Reviewbox
    Jim Horey is the founder and CEO of Reviewbox. Before founding Reviewbox, he was vice president of data analytics at Cirrus Insight, where he helped form and lead multiple data analytics teams. As a researcher at Oak Ridge National Lab, he helped federal agencies solve "big data" problems. Jim holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of New Mexico. He is a self-avowed data geek and enjoys running long-distance races.

  • Lisa Diehl, Manager, Consumer Advocacy, Blue Diamond Growers
    Lisa Diehl heads consumer advocacy for Blue Diamond Growers in Sacramento, California. She oversees all aspects of the North America Retail Consumer Advocacy Division. Lisa currently manages four consumer-facing agent teams; an in-house team in Sacramento, California; and three outsourced teams (located in Bogota, Colombia; Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada; and New Providence, New Jersey).

    Within Blue Diamond, Lisa is also a member of Blue Diamond’s Corporate Communications Council, along with being a lead member of Blue Diamond’s Crises Management Team.

    Lisa has over 35 years of experience in consumer affairs and has held a variety of managerial positions. Originally from Chicago, Lisa relocated to California in 2016 to join the Blue Diamond Team. Lisa became a member of SOCAP in 2010. She is presently serving on the SOCAP National Board of Directors and SOCAP’s Executive Committee and is the current SOCAP board chair. In addition, Lisa serves as a board member and advisor for the NW Regional Chapter.

Monday, October 21 • 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Creating the Business Case for CX and Technology Using VOC

CA has faced changes in the labor market, consumer expectations, technology and Voice of the Customer. In Strategic Customer Service, 2nd Edition, John Goodman makes the case that the current fire-fighting mode of business as usual will no longer work. He’ll suggest radical changes in processes based on an analysis of revenue impact rather than cost cutting including:

  • Reallocating 70% of monitoring and quality resources to a different mix of contacts

  • Create a foundation for continuous employee empowerment, innovation and recognition

  • Encouraging more contacts from unhappy customers and modifying KPIs for outsourcers to focus on contact prevention

  • Evaluating and pitching technology based on impact on problem prevention, proactive service, empowerment and engagement rather than only efficiency. The revenue, margin and word of mouth impacts are 10-20X the cost impacts. You should determine if your vendor "gets it" and can deliver measureable results when buying technology

  • Increasing the impact of your Voice of the Customer using more sources, enhanced analysis and better packaging (working with Quality and Insights)

  • Winning support from Quality, IT and Customer Insights by advocating for investment in their activities.

  • Creation of governance to eliminate the need to beg for internal information and updates

  • How to take ownership of customer onboarding and education and key parts of the website


Most important, he’ll show how to use the VOC to create a business case for each of the above actions that is acceptable to the CFO and CMO that quantifies the monthly cost of inaction on an issue.

Eliza Lavergne, VP of Project Management, at Navigant Credit Union in Rhode Island will show how the above actions have led to enhanced member and employee satisfaction as well as market share.


  1. A checklist of actions you can take to start moving out of firefighting, creating immediate empowerment in one or two issues and streamlining your quality monitoring process.

  2. A template for creating the business case for investment in your department and new technology, and a set of questions to ask your internal partners to gain their support.

  3. Questions to ask every technology vendor about impacts beyond efficiency to see what is real and also to help justify the investment.


  • John Goodman, Vice Chairman, CCMC, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting
    John Goodman is vice chairman of Customer Care Measurement and Consulting (CCMC). He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in chemical engineering and earned his MBA from Harvard. The universal adages “It costs five times as much to win a new customer as to keep an existing one” and “Twice as many people hear about a bad experience as a good one” are both based on his research.

    Harper Collins published the second edition of his book Strategic Customer Service in March 2019. He has also published Customer Experience 3.0 with the American Management Association in July 2014. Over the past 40 years, John has managed more than 1,000 separate customer experience studies for 45 of the Fortune 100 companies as well as nonprofit and government entities.

  • Ellen Martz, Senior Director Customer Service/CX, Hughes Network Systems
    Ellen Martz is a senior director and co-leader in the Customer Experience Organization. Her contributions to Hughes over her career include the introduction of customer surveying for the 1.5 million HughesNet consumer base, product design research, customer care data analysis, and problem resolution along with customer escalation management.

    More recently, Ellen has built a direct communications path between integral engineering support organizations within Hughes to the call center agents worldwide, easing the exchange of customer-to-network updates.

Tuesday, October 22 • 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Creating and Executing Effective Customer Experience Strategies for Any Business—A Workshop

Being a customer-centric company isn’t just about having the best customer service people; it’s also about ensuring that every function in the organization is aligned to this goal. And in our fast-paced world of tweets and texts, keeping all functions aligned to that goal is necessary, and challenging at the same time. In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll talk about:

  • Customer experience strategies—what they are and why they matter.

  • Whether you are easy to do business with.

  • Customer touch points and journey mapping—who are your customers and how do they interact with us?

  • The ROI for CX investments, including LTV.

  • Keeping customers who are satisfied AND loyal—understanding the metrics and measurements of CX.


  1. Understand how to develop an effective CX strategy and implement it effectively.

  2. Assess whether their own companies are “easy to do business with” across multiple- channels.

  3. Learn about various techniques for mapping the customer lifecycle.

  4. Derive actionable initiatives that can align the service strategy across all channels and business units within your organization.


  • Bob Azman, Chairman, CXPA Board of Directors, Customer Experience Professional Association
    Bob Azman is founder and CXO of Innovative CX Solutions, LLC. Innovative CX Solutions, LLC is a customer experience consulting firm specializing in CX design and execution, sales and service experience design, and talent development. He is currently the chairman of the board of the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA.org).

    He is the former vice president of Traveler Experience, Americas and Global, responsible for all customer operations in Canada, the United States, and Latin America as well as global sites located in Poland, Manila, Bogota, and Costa Rica. In this role, Bob transformed the customer experience for clients and travelers of Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT). Prior to joining CWT, Bob was chief experience officer at Avtex Consulting Solutions, LLC. In that role, he consulted with companies in a variety of industries on developing and implementing strategies to improve their overall customer experience and service operations. The last 25 years in business are in service operations leadership roles that have prepared him well for his role at CWT. As a thought leader, practitioner, and business partner in customer experience design and execution, he provides a unique perspective on creating companies that are easy to do business with.

    Bob also brings a wealth of diverse general operations and business experience as an executive at large corporations such as Thomson Reuters, Ceridian, and Deluxe Corporation. He has managed global customer service and technical support organizations as well as software implementation and training and development functions in the United States, the Philippines, India, South America, Australia, Japan, and Europe.

    Bob earned both his MBA and bachelor’s degrees from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is an adjunct professor in the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management’s Supply Chain and Operations Management Department teaching Global and Service Operations Strategy and Management at the undergraduate and MBA levels. Bob also teaches at the Rutgers University School of Business in the Customer Experience Management and Supply Chain Operations Executive Education programs. He is also a guest lecturer in the MBA program at the University of St. Thomas Opus School of Business. He is a frequent speaker at industry forums and conferences, presenting on developing effective customer experience and service strategies, and he receives top ratings on his interactive approach and unique ability to combine academic principles with real life experiences.

  • Ted Itschert, Director of Customer Experience, Sportsman's Guide
    Ted Itschert is director of Customer Experience at the Sportsman’s Guide, where he has worked since 1994. Through his 25 years there, he has held many job titles and been through many changes in technology and customer expectations. He prides himself on making modifications through the company and is always looking for new ways to improve effectiveness and efficiencies.
    Recently, Ted has worked hard to implement a foundational format on how associates engage with customers, as well as to measure the customer experience each associate provides. He helped facilitate sales and service to create a universal agent model.  
    Ted resides with his family in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.


  • Bob Weis, VP of Customer Service, John Wiley & Sons
    Bob Weis has 25 years of customer service, quality, and reverse logistic experience.  Prior to joining John Wiley & Sons as VP of Customer Service, Bob used his customer centric management approach to achieve double digit improvements in customer satisfaction at Sony, Samsung, Barnes & Noble, and Google.