Home Plumbing Guide: Gutter Cleaning and Preventing Water Damage

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Home Plumbing Guide: Gutter Cleaning and Preventing Water Damage
Gutters play a key role in directing the flow of rainfall water and melted snow from the roof of your house to its foundation. Hence, they should function effectively to avoid water leakage which can cause damage to your interiors/exteriors as well as your foundation. 

Water overflows from clogged gutters can spill onto the ground and cause damage to your basement. This is another good reason to have your gutters cleaned by a professional like Gutter Cleaning Charlotte NC.

Protecting Your Foundation:
When gutters are clogged, they can become an inviting habitat for various pests, like rodents, insects, and mold. In turn, these pests can enter your home and infect you with illnesses.

Preventing Landscape Damage:
A flooded gutter can devastate your landscaping and hardscape features. This can damage your flowers, soil, and bricks, which will decrease your home’s curb appeal.

Repairing Broken Gutters:
Besides keeping your gutters clear of dirt and debris, gutter cleaning can help to fix any cracks or holes that may have developed in your gutter system. This will also ensure that any water that does get in gets directed away from your foundation and walls.

When you need to clean your gutters, be sure to wear old clothes and heavy-duty gardening gloves. A scoop – such as a garden trowel or a plastic milk bottle with its base cut off – is also handy for getting rid of fallen leaves and other dirt.