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October 20–23, 2019

Tucson, Arizona


Bruce Turkel

International Marketing Expert

Keynote Session • Monday, October 21 • 9:00 am–10:30 am

Future Proof Your Business and Your Brand


Today you are positively and negatively challenged by constantly changing technology and innovation. Bruce Turkel will show you how to take full advantage of what’s going on today in marketing and customer service to “Future Proof” your business and your brand.


Bruce kicks off a wildly entertaining presentation with examples from Johann Sebastian Bach to The Wizard of Oz, from great artists’ excesses to the Toyota Prius’ successes, from history to headlines ripped right out of today’s news. Bruce will show you how to build your brand with powerful strategies using the same techniques he put to work for Bacardi, Discovery, Miami, and many of the world’s top brands. As Bruce says, “don’t change HOW you do business, change your customers’ PERCEPTION of how you do business.”


Bruce will enlighten, entertain, and educate you. You’ll leave fired up and ready for action with a great plan for your future.


As CEO of the successful brand management firm, TURKEL, Bruce Turkel has been creating and working with valuable brands for over 30 years.

Bruce Turkel’s concepts are simple but not simplistic. His methods are easy to understand and immediately actionable. His talks present a profound, proven, and potentially profitable way to build your brand strategy, increase sales, and create real traction with your social media activities.

Under Bruce’s guidance, his firm has created wildly effective campaigns for its clients, including Hasbro, American Express, Charles Schwab, Citicorp, Discovery Channel, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, HBO Latin America, Peabody Hotels, Bacardi, Kissimmee Convention & Visitors Bureau, Canyon Ranch Living and Sol Meliá Hotels & Resorts, to name just a few.

Bruce’s firm is built on the belief that marketing should be well-designed, simple, and should make a client’s products and services more valuable. Using this straightforward checklist, he has worked with hundreds of clients, written thousands of headlines, and designed even more print ads, television spots, websites, and campaigns.

When he’s not creating advertising or design, he’s a sought after expert for CNN, MIT, NAMM, MPI, UM, and the NSA. He’s also the author of Building Brand Value: Seven Simple Steps to Profitable Communication and two other branding and advertising business books. Bruce is currently finishing his next book, All About Them.

A captivating and entertaining speaker, Bruce has spoken at MIT, Harvard, TEDx, and hundreds of corporate and industry conferences. Bruce appears regularly on FOX Business and has been on CNN, ABC, CBS, and NPR. He has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Communication Arts, and AdWeek. His branding work has been honored by Communication Arts, the Art Directors’ Club of New York, Clio, and the One Show to name just a few, and this year his work won six Emmys.

In addition to writing and illustrating books and articles on branding, Bruce is the front man for the Miami R&B band Blackstar and he enjoys practicing his harmonica in traffic, as well as being a dad, a husband and mentor and training for marathons.